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Nov 28, 2012 7:00am EST
growth strategy that's not delivery and a deficit that is rising. it is a government that is failing, a prime minister that is failing, and -- >> calm down, calm down. [shouting] >> he just can't keep his cool when he knows he is losing the argument, mr. speaker,. [shouting] and it's the british people are paying the price for his failure. [shouting] >> i think what we can see is the leadership that is a drowning. >> this scrap the jobs tax, enterprise the enterprise zone. that is funded one many apprenticeships, that is rebuilding our economy, that these 1 million more people in private sector work. we're putting the country back to work. their party reckitt. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. will the prime minister join me in congratulating the formula one team on winning the world championship for three years in a row? another fine example of british technological innovation. >> i'm delighted to praise and they traded to the formula one team based in his constituency, which sadly be the formula one team based in my constituency. but it is actually a remarkable fact that if you
Nov 21, 2012 7:00am EST
get on top of debt and deficit, to show how we will pay our way in the world we have record low interest rates. low interest rates described by the shatter chancellor as a key test of economic credibility. >> ed miller band? >> can i start by joining the prime minister in paying tribute to walter berry of first battalion richmond of scotland. he should yet most courage and bravery and all our thoughts and condolences are for his family and friends. can also express my deep or about loss of life in israel and gaza in recent days including the latest polling terrorist attack on a bus in tel aviv. there's widespread support on all sides of the house for an immediate and durable cease-fire being agreed in israel and gaza. will the prime minister set out in his view their main barriers to the cease-fire agreement now being reached? >> i agree with right hon. gentleman about the appalling news this morning about the terrorist attack on a bus in tel leave and also express our deep concern at the intolerable situation in southern israel and the grave loss of life in gaza. yes specifical
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2